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Message from the desk of General Secretary

The dream of establishing Chittagong Lawyers and Law students’ society (CLLSS)
came into a reality when the General member of organization found a executive
committee on January 7, 2018. Though we started our activity through various work
since 2016. It all started with a dream of establishing a leading organization which will
work for building relationship among all the judges, lawyers, law teachers and law
students all over Chittagong Division. Chittagong Lawyers and Law students’ society
(CLLSS) is a pioneer modern innovative digitalized organization in Chittagong.

The mission of the organization is to provide value-based inventive, scientific,
technological, cultural and social activity. The doors of the organization are open to
members of every caste, color and creed; the culture of the organization permits the
advancement of creative thought embedded in innovative science and technological

Chittagong Lawyers and law students’ society (CLLSS) is intended to offer
opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, cultural and physical uplift.
Members are encouraged to develop knowledge, norms, values and skills which will
enrich their lives and prepare them to provide service to national and international

I wish our founder member, general member and well-wishers all the best.