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Mission and Vision

To play an effective role in ensuring legal rights and justice.
To establish cordial relationship with lawyers, law apprentices and law students.
To encourage academic education of law and to enlighten people about important legal issues.
To establish CLLSS blood bank.
To work diligently to prevent harassment of female lawyers.
To sharpen legal skills of law students and apprentices through mooting workshops, training and legal seminars.
To carry out research on different fields and implications of law and on enhancing professional practice of law; to publish legal-research magazines.
To arrange seminars on ‘career development’ for law students and apprentices.
To work to create a widely accepted law community in Chittagong.
To organize ‘Clinical Legal Education Program (CLEP)’ for law students.
To form ‘CLLSS Debating Society’ and to organize debating programs in different educational institutions/universities of Chittagong under the same banner.
To arrange scholarship for underprivileged students on the basis of their merits/talents.
To create public awareness about and take steps in eliminating social discrimination, abuse of children & women, dowry system, abuse of information technology, loss of social values and other prevalent social problems.